Governance Reform, Strategic Planning, and Succession Planning at Internet2

I had a significant hand in two governance-related efforts at Internet2 that yielded public documents.  The first was a governance reform in 2006 that was proposed in this report and adopted by the Board.  The second was a plan for merging Internet2 with National LambdaRail that the leadership of the two organizations negotiated in 2007 and proposed in this report.  The proposal was adopted by the board of Internet2 Board but was ultimately rejected by the board of National LambdaRail.

During the final two years of my chairmanship of the Board, Internet2 was the successful recipient of a major federal stimulus grant to create the United States Unified Community Anchor Network (U.S.UCAN), a new national project dedicated to connecting community anchor institutions, including public libraries, schools, community colleges, research parks, public safety and health care institutions with advanced broadband capabilities. We also conducted a successful search for a worthy successor (H. David Lambert) to its iconic founding President and CEO (Douglas Van Houweling).